Jun 17, 2010

Storing my Adirondack Paint Dabbers and Ranger Stickles

Hi again guys,
Hope you are all having a fantastic time.

I thought I will share on how I store/organize my Dabbers and Stickles. I don't proclaim myself as a neat or organized freak but I like doing things the easy way :-)

I adhere circle magnets on the bottom of my dabbers and stickles. I picked this different magnets from my local hardware store (Bunnings Warehouse). I put a thin metal strips underneath the shelves of my bookcase (2 metal strips ready for more dabbers and stickles to come .. lol). And the results -
VIOLA! no more bottle shaking the paint dabbers are ready to use
and that goes for my stickles.

When hubby saw what I have done, he was so amazed. But he thinks instead of using a screws I should used nails instead. He promised that he will fix it for me this weekend... hmmm... lets see. But hey it woks!
Well - that's it for now I hope this will gives you an idea next time you look at your gorgeous colors of dabbers and stickles.

Have a fantastic and safe day!

One more thing to share. This is the door of my craft room. I used to work for a graphic company and when I left the establishment the graphic team made the sign for me (bless them - missed them so much). Underneath is another little sign that they made for me and it says " Do Not Disturb - already disturbed" - nice. Maybe they are right I am already disturbed - thank god for my addiction I can assure you it is cheaper than THERAPY!!


  1. Smart cookie - come organise me PLEASE!!!! Karen

  2. lol.. karen. if you still live around the corner no probs I will be there in a flash. but you decided to leave me behind here in sunny townsville... lol. thanks for the comment girl

  3. I think this is an absoultely awsome idea. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. i will be pinching this idea and using it as my craft room is a work in progress.

  5. Great idea Grace. You are a clever cookie. I think you should send that into one of the craft magazines. Think that will work in my craft room very nicely.

  6. Hi Grace – I’ve posted this nifty idea on the Kaszazz Blog Find site this week. You will find it here… www.kaszazzblogfind.blogspot.com

    Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Morty – KBF



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