Mar 11, 2011

What an Inspiration

Hi there bloggers,

I have no creations to share with you today but I thought I will share such an inspiration woman that I found on You Tube. Every words that comes out from her mouth is truly up lifting.

It comes at times my illness (MS - Multiple Sclerosis) puts me down and no matter how much I tried in convincing myself that I do not suffer from MS, it managed to crawl into my body and tries to beat me. But after watching this video I can truly say, " I can and I will beat Multiple Sclerosis".

I hope this video can inspire you also.


  1. Wow, what an incredible woman. Definately an inspiration.

  2. this is one talented and lovely Lady.
    But, she is there and we have you Grace, and you are just as talented and lovely, you are such a giving person with a huge heart to share.
    you have a wide family and we are always here for you.(except when we go away on holidays)hehehe
    you have strength of will and also strength of heart as well, and you have a lucky family who have you.

  3. All I can say is Wow, What an inspiration to all people. An amazing Lady. Yes Gracie, it does not matter how much you tryu to block it out that you have MS it is there regardless. You are an inspiration to all people as well. You are so gifted and no matter what you never give up. We love that in you. You share so much of yourself with others. Thanks Gracie from the bottom of our hearts. We love you Mum and Dad.

  4. Wow! What an amazing lady and video! I just love her spirit and zest for life! I'm so sorry to hear about your battle with MS Gracie and you are in our thoughts and prayers! I found this so video so uplifting I want to share it on our blog as well. Thanks for sharing!

    Carolyn Good

  5. Grace it is inspiring and like you you have a lovely giving heart you will get through this and before long I bet I'm looking at a video of you but truly that isn't necessary are you are inspiring in yourself take a look in the mirror you are not only beautifull you have a smile that fills a room and most of all you have a good heart nothing stops you, and I'm sure nothing will love you Grace Aunty Joaniex



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