Oct 29, 2010

Operation Write Home (Australia)

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Recently my hubby asked me to make some few handmade Christmas cards to send to his mates that he left behind overseas (Afghanistan/Kuwait) and he also mentioned that there are no shops over there to purchase greeting cards to send home – then I had a light bulb moment; thought it’d be a great idea to send blank cards to our troops overseas to send home to their loved ones.

The next morning I rang my gorgeous and reliable friend, Jacqui and mentioned to her what I was planning to do; with no lengthy explanation and with no question ask she said to count her in. In the same day I also mentioned the idea to few girlfriends and they too asked to count them in and they are willing and eager to help in any way; in less than 24hrs we created a small group for the project -now Operation Write Home (Australia) is born.

Last year I organised “ATCs for our Aussie Troops” when my hubby was deployed in Afghanistan and I am so pleased to say that our heroes who received the ATCs was so pleased and amazed about the handmade art work from each individual. I have collected at least about 600+ ATCs last year from friends and from my fellow forum members.  And the most thrilling about the “ATCs for our Aussie Troops” projects was when we started receiving personal emails or letters from our troops overseas thanking us and telling us how much they appreciate our art work- that was priceless!

If you wish to participate in Operation Write Home (Australia) and like to lift morale and put smiles on our troop’s faces, we welcome and appreciate you!

You can also include a well wishes and a note of support - will guarantee that it will reach to our troops.

Few Guidelines.
(Yes, unfortunately there have to be some guidelines.)

1.      No GLITTERS please (from ADF guidelines)
2.      Use less metal embellishments - a brad or two is fine.
3.       Your card MUST fit into a C6 envelope (no bigger please)
4.      In a separate piece of paper include your Name, Address and E-mail address (if no email address your home address is fine).


Christmas Cards - 25 November 2010
Valentines Cards - 15 January 2011
Easter Cards  - 15 March 2011
Mother's Day Cards -  15 April2011
General Cards - Any time
(Birthdays, Kids cards, Feminine/Masculine, Thinking of You,
I miss you, Hello/Hi, etc)

If you require additional information or for our postal address please email us.

Operation Write Home (Australia) is to provide handmade cards for our troops overseas to send home to their loved ones.


  1. Are you still involved in Operation Write Home (Australia) ?



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