Oct 3, 2010

Chocolate Bag - My workshop give-aways

Hi there,

Been awhile since I posted some project on my blog. I have been a busy beaver lately; school holidays and my older daughter came home for a Uni break and stayed for 10 days. The kids surely kept me on my toes.

But all good though my eldest DD and my DS has been such a big help. I had a Kaszazz Workshop last Friday and I made this cutie bags to put the maltesers for the host and her guests and they just adored the little bags. The workshop went really well - I was pleased with the outcome; I picked up two bookings from 6 guests.

Anyway here is the little bags I made, I used the Kaszazz retired SB Papers for this project and planning to submit this little project to Kaszazz and hoping that it will get accepted for a workshop.


  1. I don't want to wait for Kaszazz to publish this, I would just like instructions now, Love these Gracie. They are truely a fantastic idea

  2. Grace!!!! They are soooooo cute!! I'm with Sam...I want to know how to make them NOW!!!!

  3. Ok,Ok Ok... LOL I will draw a template and scan it and will send it to you lovely ladies...LOL

  4. What about me!!! partner??? Just joking Grace will catch up with you later in the week Jac

  5. they would make an adorable gift to the people who come to a workshop as a thanks and not to expensive either. what a great idea, you must have brain overload Gracie, you keep coming up with real beauties.



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