Jul 29, 2010

Teeny Weeny - Inchie

My new addiction! 

Hi there, thank you for stopping by. If you been here before thank you revisiting my blog and if this is your first time - WELCOME and hope you enjoy your visit come and visit my blog from time to time :-).

I have started creating inchies three months ago and I must admit I really enjoyed making them. First time I told hubby that I am making some INCHIE his replied was, " What on earth is INCHIES?" and I showed the card stocks that I already cut-out and he gave this words " Yeah right how could you possibly decorate that teeny weeny piece of paper?" Oh DH, bless your cotton socks you have no idea what Paper Crafters can do... LOL. When I showed him my finished products (completed Inchies) he loved them and said "AMAZING!" now his helping me cutting INCHIES... LOL.

This week one of the lovely lady MARLA from the swap group that I am a member of -  (and such a sweetheart I might add). She wrote on her profile that her new addiction right now is making INCHIES. I was so happy to see there is a member in the group that into INCHIES also. Well, you guessed it the wheels start turning and now we have a swap for INCHIES in Swappers Hub Group and being hosted by our lovely MARLA PAUL. Thank you for hosting Marla :-) surely quite a challenge.

So, if you are into INCHIES or would like to take on making INCHIES you are most welcome to join us we have a perfect place for you in our HUB :-). Of course we don't do just INCHIES we have Moo card swap, ATCs, Handmade greeting cards, Scrapbooking swaps and these are just a few. Feel free to take a look in our Homepage. Hope to see you in Swappers Hub.

Well, 'till here for now see you again next posts. Tah Tah!


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  1. How neat! Will be dropping by over there to see! THanks for sharing!



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