Jun 21, 2010

Cleans It met Mini Mister

Does this happened to your Cleans it all purpose stamp cleaner?  If the answer is NO - please do tell me what am I doing wrong .. lol. But I have found a solution to fix my problem and I hope will help you too in case you are having the same problem as mine :-).

First I squeezed the Cleansit bottle and the dabber will pop, then remove the dabber top and transfer some liquid into the Mini Mister. The Mini Mister will now serves as your stamp cleaner. Spray the liquid cleaner from the Mini Mister into the Stamp Cleaning Pad and the result? Saves a lot of Stamp Cleaner as you will only need to spray the scrubbing pad with one or two sprays.

Well, that's it for now have a lovely time whatever you are doing and keep safe.

Once again thank you for stopping by!


  1. Oh, great idea!! I have an empty atomizer I can do this with.. and yes that happens to my stamp cleaner too!

  2. It happened to mine too. I just put a piece of material on top and forced it down in the grooves all the way around with a pair of scissors. This has lasted for me, but I love your idea.



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