Apr 5, 2011

Becoming Older Scrapbook Layout

These is my DS (My gorgeous DS). These Layout is my entry for Sketchy Saturday over at Simply Scrapping Crafts. The flowers are handmade by me (from twine that I found in my kitchen cupboard). I am so pleased how it turned out. I am trying to create a clean and simple layout so that my DS's photo is the main focus.
The Sketchy Saturday Challenge

My Journalling says:

It dawned on me that you are changing. I guess the fact that you are now taller than me and that I just had to buy you all new pants should have clued me in. But the changes I am talking about are not always of a physical nature.

For example; you like to gel your hair and not always the style we’d like to see (especially your Dad). You’re becoming particular about your clothes (as you say, the COOL clothes). You want the type of haircut you want, not the type we want. You always tell me, “I know Mum, I’m not a little boy anymore”, when I fall into REMINDER MODE.

Sometimes I miss my LITTLE BOY. But you are doing what you are meant to do, you are growing into your own self, and so far we love what we see. Thank you for being such a great son!

Hope you like the layout.. please be a DEAR and leave me a comment :-). 


  1. Well done Gracie. He sure is growing up. Time is waiting for no one these days. Dad just clocked up another year. We sure are moving along. Love your Layout. Mum

  2. love the layout Gracie, it is really "Cool"
    and the photo is the main attraction, the whole thing is very pleasing to the eye.

  3. Wonderful page Gracie your son has grown up you wonder what happened to the little boy who is now a man. I sincerly hope you are getting back to your wonderful self,I miss our chats...Faye



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