Jan 2, 2011

Precious Moments Lay-out

This is my eldest DD. This photo was taken when she was two years old - she will be turning 21 this year. My gosh how time passed me by so quick.

All materials used for this layout are from Kaszazz. If you are interested to attend any of my classes feel free to contact me or see my class schedules.


  1. Now if I were near you Gracie I would love to do the workshop. it ia really gorgeous and your daughter is so cute.
    this is a wonderful layout, one of the best.

  2. Just stunning Gracie. Would love to know how you made those gorgeous roses. Really really pretty.

  3. i love all your work Gracie
    I have snt off the cards for troops.Im hoping you have recieved them

  4. I hope this is going to Kaszazz to be a workshop it is stunning

  5. Beautiful page Grace, I love the flowers



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