Nov 20, 2010

Yoda the turtle - Painting from Judi

HOW LOVELY IS THIS!!!! I received this hand painting from a lovely lady name Judi you can check out her blog here.

I have not met Judi face to face (met her online) but I consider her as a friend that I treasure. I helped Judi tweak her blog (just a small help from me) and when I saw the turtle that she painted and posted on her blog I just fell in love with her painting. After I told her about the painting I was so wrapped when she told me she will paint another one and send it to me - I was speechless.

I also like to thank Margaret ( Judi's friend) and her hubby for bringing the painting over to me  - what a lovely couple they both are. Margaret is such a sweetheart and very friendly too. Thank you Margaret and Hubby for what you have done.

This Turtle painting is now hang beautifully in my craft room and always gives me a smile every time I look  at the painting. I named the turtle Yoda, my DH also adores the painting and wants me to put the painting in our living room - Duuhhh.. what would be his chances??? NADAH!!!!. Yoda will stay in my craft room...

Thank you Judi for the painting. I will treasure this forever.
This is just part of my craft room and showing where Yoda lives


  1. Yoda looks great there Gracie and your help on my blog was huge. thank you for your lovely words my friend

  2. you will have to post photos of your craft room, it looks so neat sigh. I am just starting my revamp of the room, so I hope my craft room will look better soon .

  3. Graces craft room is well organised she just isn't allowed to ake photos of the mess we make when we are scrapping LOL



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