Sep 15, 2010

One of a kind FRIEND

This is Jacqui (the one in the red shirt). She is such a sweety and always willing to help me out and so dear to me. Jac is also a Kaszazz Consultant. This is one thing a love being a Kaszazz Independent Consultant you don't know who you are going to met along the way and so far I have been blessed for meeting lots of wonderful people - especially a wonderful person like Jac. I just love her to bits and I cannot thank her enough for giving me a genuine and true friendship and for her help and for her full support. Visit her blog.

FRIENDSHIP Pictures, Images and PhotosMy dear Jac
Thank you for,
Your friendship true.
For being there,
For being you.
For your heart
So good and kind
A truer friend
I could ever find.
Thank You.


  1. Thank you Grace, now you have made me cry.I hope you know I appreciate you just as much Luv Jac

  2. what lovely people you both are, it is great to see you both enjoying each other.Friendship is a wonderful thing.



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