Aug 13, 2010

Rick-Rack design from a Square Punch

Happy Friday everyone!

Question.... do you have any other usage with your square punch? If yes I would love to know what other way you can use your square punch. is a little idea and I hope it can be in a good use.

What you need:
Square Punch
Cardstock or SB Paper (your choice)

Align the end of your cardstock/SB Paper from corner to corner of your square punch, as shown.

Continue the punching process to the length your require. Alignment is the key ... LOL.

This is what your finish product looks like - hope the instructions make sense, if it doesn't let me know :-).

If you want to see this RICK-RACK in action see this card.

Have a great day and once again thank you for your visit - TOHDOHLOH!!


  1. Thanks Simone ***blush*** gee you are quick posting a comment I just post this one few seconds ago - appreciate it very much tho ***muah***

  2. that is such a smart Idea Grace, I would never have thought of it. It looks great as well.



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