Jul 7, 2010

How to make a Paper Rose

Hi Bloggers,

I must confess I have been addicted to making paper roses lately. I just love it because I can make it whilst watching TV with my family. It is so easy and fun to do. I will try to show how I make this rose but before I start I apologize in advance for poor photography; my daughter and my son were my photographers during this "rose making" experience. Ow! also apologise for the condition of my nails I just finished making cards and I have been using lots of Distressing...a big apology for my fat fingers too.... lol.

So - here we go, lets begin......
4862 Scallop Punch
4208 Glossy Accent
4914 Bone Scorer
4654 Scissor-4.8cm blade
71403 Chestnut RoanColor box fluid chalk ink pad-cat's eye
6183 Card stock- Berry Red

1. Punch out five (5) scallops from 5.5 x 21cm Berry Red cardstock.
Cut a slit from the first scallop (as shown)
Cut out one (1) petal from the second scallop
Cut out two (2) petals from the third scallop
Cut out three (3) petals from the fourth scallop

2. Ink/distress the edges of the scallops with Chestnut Roan
Cat's eye ink including all the cut out pieces (as shown)

3. On the first scallop (slit cut) overlap  (2) petals together, secure by Glossy Accent. Repeat this process to the remaining (3) scallops and the 3 petals cut out.

4. Fold the  heart shape cut out into 4 folds as shown.
5. Fold the single cut out petal into three.

6. Take the large flower scallop, place your finger in the middle and push down until the bottom comes out flat.

7. Snip the bottom of each flower scallop except for the large one.
7. With the bone folder, curl each petals backwards to all the scallops, as shown.

8. Once finished folding; your scallops should look like this :-)

9. Insert the tip of your scissor in the middle of second last piece.
10. Insert the last piece in the middle.

11. Assemble/attached the scallops flowers from the biggest to the smallest by using the Glossy Accent, as shown.
12. TAHDAH!!! That's it.. its so easy. I hope my instructions/Tutorial makes sense :-).


  1. am going to give this a go right now. Thanks Grace

  2. Hi Alicia, have fun and I hop I explained it clear enough to follow :-). This is my very first tutorial so still a newbie..lol. Thanks for taking the time to post a comment :-)

  3. I love your rose and the tutorial is so easy to follow :) Wonderful x Lynn



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