Jun 4, 2010

Storing My Punches

G'day Guys, what a funny weather we are having here in Townsville Queensland. Morrnings its freezing cold, mid days perfect Tropical weather, afternoons cloudy and gloomy and night time it pours.

In other note thought of sharing with you on how I store my punches. I never use to be a fan of paper punches but since becoming a Kaszazz Independent Consultant I have fallen in love with punches. Hence, my collection of punches are multiplying (as hubby would say). I used to store my punches in a plastic container and that was not really working for me. So, I found this wooden shoe rack from our local bargain store it cost me $5.99 to be exact ( should mention minus 10% defence discount.. lol). Unfortunately I only have a small craft room :-( so I have to find a way to fit all my crafty stuff. I have begged my husband if I could turn our Garage into my craft room and the reply was " When I made a vow to give you everything you want and need 20 yrs ago, I did not say Garage included". Hmmm..is that means NO :o? Right - I wonder when is the next deployment? - KIDDING!


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