May 9, 2010

Storing My Unmounted Rubber Stamps

Hi Guys, three days ago a friend of mine asked me how do I store my unmounted rubber stamps. She has few mounted stamps and she store them in containers and now obviously she collected few unmounted stamps since she became my Kaszazz customer. So I shared my idea with her and she just loved it. Off she went to our local Warehouse store... and ow this is after I gave her the shopping list of course.

Here's the materials:
Blank CD case - I purchased mine for $1.99 10pk
Blank clear Video case - I purchased mine for $2.00 5pk
4 drawers plastic container - I purchased mine for $19.99
Texta (pentel pen)- for labelling
Printing Paper
Plastic Sleeves
3 ring folder

I placed my unmounted stamps inside the CD cases. The good thing about this idea is the stamps clings to the CD cases and the stamps does not move around. It also protects the
back of the stamps.

For a bigger stamps (background stamps) I used the Video Cases and it works perfectly!

I stamp the images onto printing paper and number them to match up with the CD case for easy reference.

If I need to do some rubber stamping I open my folder and look at the number and pick up the CD case that matches the image number.

That's it now my stamps are safe and looks neat.

Thank you for stopping by and have safe day!


  1. I've heard about the CD case idea before, but the way you have set this up is terrific Grace. And the prices you paid for the cases is sooo cheap. I'm off to th warehouse this week for sure!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh dear Morty you are just such a sweetheart. Do that girl and I love to see your finish product on your blog ;-).

  3. Great idea. Thanks for sharing. Hugs from Michigan USA

  4. Storing the stamps in a CD case is a great idea! I have a lot of stamps that I use for my clay and was looking for a better way to organize them. Thanks for sharing.

  5. A new scrapper here!! Im amazed with how you manage everything... Love you work and love the way you keep everything neat.



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