Feb 28, 2010

Organising my Scraps


On my previous post I showed how I organised my embellishments using the filling containers, ziplocks and photo album sleeves. Now I am showing you how I organise my scrap papers. As a scrapper I never throw anything away call me a hoarder I guess- but I use nearly every scraps I have. I tried using display sleeves in one stage but that did not work for me, reason been it does over flows and unfortunately display sleeves do not hold the papers securely. So now I use - yep! you guess it ziplocks. I love my ziplocks I have different sizes from teeny weeny one to 12x12 ziplocks (who ever invented ziplocks, bless their cotton socks) I just love them. I have two filling containers and some drop files. One container for cardstock scraps and one filling container for printed paper scraps.I cut a small piece of cardstock or designer paper and staple them to the side of the ziplock I found this easy to see what is inside the ziplocks. I then snip a teeny weeny piece from the bottom of ziplock to let some air out that way it will file flat. I also picked up a $40.00 bookcase from our local bargain store and my containers fits snugly to the bookcase (see pictures above).


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