Oct 20, 2009

Price Changes - Mostly DOWN!


Hello Guys,
How exciting is this! Kaszazz has a super exciting announcements in this opulent October 2009. Since the Australian Dollars has gone up Kaszazz prices for all our CLEARSNAP, RANGER, BAZZILL, LYRA (AQUACOLOR CRAYONS) Aquacolor Crayons (12)$42.95 down to $41.95 Aquacolor Crayons(24) from $79.95 down to $78.95 Aquacolor Crayons(48)from $134.95 down to $120.00 great savings! CREATIVE IMPRESSIONS (RIBBONS) ranges have CAME DOWN too! So have the PEBBLES CHALKING SET from $32.95 down to $27.95 these are just few items that prices has decreased. Kaszazz has gone out on a limb and cut prices more than the amount saved by the appreciating dollar - apart from the product mentioned there are more products that has a decreased prices, so many in fact that it is too big to put on my blog the best thing to do is to contact me and I will run you through the price lists.
Why not take this opportunity and SAVE! SAVE! SAVE!


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