Oct 3, 2009


Hi All,

Finally! I made a BLOG- yeeyy! I cannot believe that I am finally blogging. I am not an expert with this blogging world but I guess sooner or later I have to learn and I guess "there is always a first time for every thing." So bare with me if you stumble upon this humble blog of mine and finds it a little boring hopefully it will be exciting to visit one day. Few reasons why I created this blog:
I just became an Independent Consultant for a company called Kaszazz - so exciting! For those of you who have not heard of Kaszazz here's the brief introduction.
Kaszazz is 100% Australian company.
A company  who provides only the best quality of rubber stamps, scrapbooking products, embellishments beyond the page (Feel free to browse on our Project Book Catalogue). Whether you love stamping, scrapping or any other paper craft, Kaszazz has something for everyone.

My other reason for creating this blog is to post some of my humble creations like scrapbooking, card making, ATCs and Beyond the page projects and hopefully I will have some hints and tips to share. I also enjoys sharing some of my creativity to those people who enjoys paper crafts. 

Drop by once and awhile and I will appreciate it if you can leave me a little comments and some tips on how I can improve my blog :).

Have a great and safe day! God bless and HAPPY CRAFTING!


  1. Go for it Grace, you can add any stuff that you think of in between your craft articles.

  2. Hi John,

    Thank you for your encouragement. Still a little bit lost with blogging. And hey your comment is my first one..yeeeyyy. Tah mate ;)



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